Sheriff's Sales


  • The Sheriff's sales are held on the front steps of the Sheriff's department located at 106 W Coolbaugh Street in Red Oak.
  • Most of the sales are mortgage foreclosures, which means the debtor is in default on the mortgage. The sale can also be a foreclosure on a second mortgage, or have stipulations in the foreclosure decree that have special provisions for certain debts.
  • Sales are held as an auction type and will be sold to the highest bidder. The mortgage company is entitled to bid ahead of time what is due them, including attorney fees, court costs and Sheriff's fees.
  • If a private party wishes to bid, they must have a letter of credit at the time of the sale. They must return within two hours with the total amount of their bid, in cash or certified check.
  • The Sheriff's office cannot guarantee clear title to the property. These properties are sold CAVEAT EMPTOR, which means "buyer beware."
  • At the time of sale, we sell the property by reading the legal description. We do not sell by the address.
  • All foreclosures are published in the Red Oak Express.


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