Erickson Conservation


Erickson Wildlife Area was purchased from Wesley and Daryl Erickson in August 2004. It is 157 Acres and was purchased using Wildlife Habitat Stamp Grant and REAP funds. Erickson Wildlife Area is all public use area for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing. A portion of this area has been planted to wildlife food plots for outdoor recreation. No motorized vehicles are allowed on this area unless authorized by the Montgomery County Conservation Board.


Fishing is allowed in the ponds. State laws and fishing regulations must be obeyed including a 15" length limit on all large mouth bass.


Public hunting is allowed at Erickson Conservation Area. State laws and hunting regulations must be obeyed at all times.


There is no camping at the Erickson Conservation Area.


Feel free to walk the area for a scenic natural environment, as well as wildlife viewing opportunities.


Erickson Conservation Area is located a quarter mile west of Viking Lake State Park. Coordinates: Lat 40.965 Long -95.055



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