Supervisor District 4


Mark Peterson Supervisor Mark Peterson

Mark is serving in his first term for the 4th district of Montgomery County which includes the cities of Stanton and Elliott along with a large portion of rural Montgomery County. Mark is a longtime resident of Montgomery County. Mark and his wife Melanie currently live and farm Southwest of Stanton. Thru the years Mark has been a volunteer for many organizations in Montgomery County including Stanton Chamber of Commerce, Stanton Fire and Rescue, Red Oak Fire and Rescue, Montgomery County Family YMCA and Montgomery County Fair Board. In addition Mark is on the Board of Directors of Practical Farmers of Iowa where he is currently serving as president. Mark is currently serving on boards of Golden Hills R C & D, Hungry Canyons, Waubonsie Mental Health, SWIA Mental Health and Disability Services, Montgomery County Memorial Hospital (non voting). Mark is a member of Mamrelund Lutheran Church where currently he and Melanie serve as co-custodians and in the past he has been on the church council. Mark and Melanie have 5 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.  

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