Construction Updates

265th Street Bridge (Chicken Ranch Bridge on H54)

Weekly Update: January 9, 2016

The long anticipated bridge replacement project over the Nodaway River on 265th Street is about ready to begin. The project was let through the Iowa DOT in November, and the successful contractor was A.M. Cohron & Sons of Atlantic, IA. We have been informed by the contractor that they would like to begin demolition of the existing this week. We had a pre-construction meeting with the contractor on January 5th, at which we received additional scheduling details. For now, we can anticipate the bridge will be closed until late summer or early fall (depending as much as anything on the weather in 2017).


We understand that the road closure associated with the project will be an inconvenience at best for individuals and a several month burden for the farming and business community impacted by the project. We have targeted this least intrusive time to do the project, which also will provide the quickest route to completion. We are also replacing the small bridge just west of the primary bridge during the same period to avoid a future second disruption. Rest assured, the County wants the project done quickly as well, and we will work with the contractor to make it as efficient a process and schedule as possible.


Please note a formal detour has been established to direct through traffic from the intersection of H54 (265th Street) and US71, north to 250th Street, thence west to M65 (Q Avenue), thence south to H54 (265th Street). We understand that local traffic will utilize several alternative roads during the project, and our staff will be closely monitoring maintenance needs on all roads in the area. However, you are asked to contact our office if you observe a road issue you feel is a concern, as we will not necessarily be onsite each day.


We will be communicating with the public during the project through regular updates on this Secondary Roads page of our County website, Typically, there has been a quick link near the top of the County’s home page (please call the office if you need assistance locating the information). We will also be sending email updates to those who provide us with an email address, which can be submitted at the email address at the top right of this memo. Most of these updates will have to do with traffic impacts from the project, as once closed, the river crossing will not be available to the public until the bridge is completed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in this project undertaking. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeff Skalberg, or Brad Skinner, by email or phone (712-623-5197).


H34 Pavement Widening & M37 Pavement Replacement 

Weekly Update: January 9, 2017

A final 2016 update to confirm what you have been seeing on the project.

The concrete work on H34 has been completed from A Avenue to Fernwood Avenue and on M37 from 230th Street all the way thru the intersection with H34 (with the exception of bridge approaches). Temporary shouldering work has also been done in those areas to protect the edge of the slab and drivers from a sudden run off the pavement. The remaining work will be completed in Spring along with the paving at the west end of the project.

While we have been very fortunate, with warm temperatures this Fall, to continue paving, the widening from A Avenue to Emerson does not appear to be possible until the Spring. That work will resume soon as possible, but likely in April at the earliest.


Pavement marking will not be possible until the Spring, so be advised the entire project will remain a Construction Zone until that is complete, even if paving is finished. Only Local traffic is permitted during this period, and there will be occasional closures to thru traffic between now and the official opening in early summer 2017.

Only people with a specific need to be in the project areas should utilize these roads. 

Road Closed” and “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” means the only persons allowed to travel along the road are persons with direct land access within the road closures. However, this only permits persons to travel from their property to the nearest available intersection. Violators are subject to a minimum $300 fine and a visit with one of Montgomery County's Deputies.

Construction work is subject to weather. The main cause of construction delays is rain and wet conditions. When trying to anticipate a date of completion, weather delays are not counted. Please keep this in mind when reading the work schedule. We are hopeful of completing the project this Fall, but it is likely some work will carry over into the Spring and the project area will remain a "Construction Zone" throughout the Winter.

Scheduling is determined by the contractor, considering weather, workloads, resources, access, and many other factors. All time frames referenced herein are subject to change and will be updated on this site and as often as necessary to keep the public informed.  

“Moving Closures” means as work progresses down the road, sections of road will be closed while previously closed areas are open.    

It is our intent to resume weekly updates to this website when we have firm commitments from the contractor regarding resumption of work. Check back tor additional information, but no substantial details are anticipated until March 2017. Information specific to the Red Oak Livestock Market will be posted if/when access is limited from the east.  If you have any questions concerning daily progress, please contact Jeff Skalberg at