Poll Workers

Help deliver Democracy and make money doing it. Citizen's make the voting process work!

Be paid while serving your community. You can be a precinct election official.

What do election officials do?

·         Administer the voting process at the polls

·         Set up and close the polling place

·         Validate voter's eligibility to vote

·         Give voters proper instruction for voting

·         Distribute ballots to voters

·         Assist voters with special needs


What do election officials get?

·         Hourly wage

·         Mileage reimbursement

·         Flexible placement

·         Short-term obligation

·         Satisfaction from helping voting process work.


Requirements of an election official poll worker:

·         Be registered to vote

·         Attend a school of instruction

·         Work one hour before the polls open and until close

·         Be at the polling site for the duration of the election.


If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, contact the Auditor’s office at 712-623-5127 or bpeterson@montgomerycoia.us