Targeted Case Management



Targeted Case Management services for Montgomery County residents are provided by Rolling Prairie Case Management (RPCM). RPCM is a state accredited Targeted Case Management provider for persons with chronic mental illness, mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Offices for RPCM are located in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Red Oak, Iowa.

The Case Manager is a key member of the treatment team and acts as an advocate to identify an eligible client's needs and goals, help the team develop an individualized comprehensive plan and secure the services necessary for the client to achieve the identified goals. Case Managers provide ongoing coordination and monitoring of the services.

To be eligible to receive Targeted Case Management, an individual must meet the following criteria.

  • Have a documented diagnosis of mental retardation, chronic mental illness or developmental disability.
  • Be enrolled in Medicaid (Title 19).
  • Be 18 years and older or be a child eligible for Waiver Services.




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